Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 07, 2009 Band Meeting Minutes (unaudited)

Band Meeting - April 07, 2009

Topic - WLIB Opposition's March 21, 2009 DVD

Council up to old, old ( So 1990's ) tricks - 7 hours notice for a band meeting ( What is the definition for Duly Convened ??? ) I remember August 10, 1995 was the same thing...

How can off-reserve members participate in a meeting with 7 hours notice ???

Councillor / Multi – Millionaire Richard Sellars again suspiciously / conveniently "SICK"

No answers to Sugar Cane Petroleum's $500,000 a year leakage here...
Various comments: "CHARGE THEM!!!!!" is always a regime favourite.
Charge WLIB Opposition for what?? Giving the WLIB membership back their own papers???

"They ( Arnie Jack / WLIB Opposition ) stole those papers"
The band documents contained on the DVD disk were courtesy of Councillor Joan Sellars' Archives. Arnie Jack was her oldest living descendent. Arnie inherited those documents, nobody else wanted them, they sat in Joan Sellars’ house for 6 months after her passing. On February 21,2009 Chief Anne Louie was personally informed that this collection was being compiled. She said nothing. Upon inheritance, Arnie's view has always been that these documents belong to the people.

Two cops were there, most likely for intimidation.

Secondly for threat assessment, the members can't destabilize a chief and council who are so pro – treaty!!!

RCMP send leg soldiers out to band meetings so these leg soldiers can't answer questions about the Federal Financial Act / bc Corporations Act and how it applies to continued WLIB Chief and Council Band Revenue unilateral spending in the continued absence of DULY - CONVENED WLIB Financial By - Laws.

Stay tuned for an updated version of the March 21, 2009 – 3.74 gb DVD

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