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February 12, 2009 -- 50,081 ha 'offer'

Canada & bc`s Agreement in Principle Settlement Offer

February 12, 2009

Page 5

Land Fund

Canada and bc recognize that the lands offered may not meet all the interests of NStQ regarding lands. We have heard the NStQ communities express interests in a number of private properties, including ranches and other commercial properties. The Land Fund proposed would enable the NStQ to acquire, through a willing seller/willing buyer approach, some key lands that bc and Canada cannot offer. In recognition of NStQ interests in owning such key lands, bc and Canada propose a Land Fund of $12 Million (Q1 2009$) to be paid out in accordance with a schedule of payments to be negotiated.
For greater certainty, the $12 Million Land Fund is a component of the Capital Transfer and is in addition to the $30 Million capital transfer referred to above.


The proposed ``treaty`` Settlement Lands are made up of provincial crown land and existing Indian Act Reserves of the four NStQ Bands and are set out in the attached tables and maps in Appendices A and B. The Proposed `treaty` Settlement Lands total approximately 61,749 hectares ( See Appendices A through E ) and consist of the following:

--- Approximately 50, 081 hectares of provincial crown land: and,

--- Approximately 11,668 hectares of existing Indian Reserves of the four NStQ Bands

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