Monday, January 14, 2013

205 Unanswered Questions for Chief and Council

In 2009, after the compilation of the WLIB Councillor Joan Sellars's archives, 205 questions were compiled in an attempt to achieve cast in stone accountability within the Williams Lake Indian Band. These are those same questions being reposted. Since 2009, in the absence of any band membership approved financial bylaws, Chief Ann Louie, Multi Millionaire Richard Sellars, Heather McKenzie, have all refused to answer these detailed questions and continue to unilaterally spend millions in band revenue.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

WLIB - FNLAB $2,000,000 Land Code

This Land Code Bylaw is a template from Westbanks Land Code

If this is good enough for FNLAB Chairman Robert Louie, then it should be good enough as a starting point in our band

There are 11 codes on the FNLAB website and the first 5 are templates, the other are of the same template and how much was spent on these codes to end up as templated.

We are receiving almost 1 million a year to develop this document and most of that money is going to consultant and lawyers

The rest is going to the chief's son Byron Louie ( My half brother ) and Kirk Dressler, ( Ex - Westbank Indian Band Employee ) to fly around the country over the next year and a half to develop a code for the band.

It took me 3 days to develop this code.

WLIB Band Meeting Procedure Bylaw

This Band Meeting Bylaw is so long in the making, 1995 - present

Chief and Council still won’t develop one with the millions of band revenue they are unilaterally spending so I went ahead and made my own

This draft bylaw should be good enough because it is the exact same as the one used by the Mayor and Council of Williams Lake.

If this is not good enough for Chief Ann Louie, Councillors Rick Gilbert, Heather McKenzie and Multi Millioinaire Councillor Richard Sellars to follow, then maybe it is time to shut down the band office

I sent this to Councillor William Sellars Jr and have still received no response
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Skwelkwekwelt, Secwepemculewc, September 21, 2004 ( Sun Peaks )

This pic was symbolic of the Shuswap - Govenment collaboration then and it is still relevent today

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April 01, 1998 - Province Newspaper

My favorite cartoon