Thursday, January 10, 2013

WLIB - FNLAB $2,000,000 Land Code

This Land Code Bylaw is a template from Westbanks Land Code

If this is good enough for FNLAB Chairman Robert Louie, then it should be good enough as a starting point in our band

There are 11 codes on the FNLAB website and the first 5 are templates, the other are of the same template and how much was spent on these codes to end up as templated.

We are receiving almost 1 million a year to develop this document and most of that money is going to consultant and lawyers

The rest is going to the chief's son Byron Louie ( My half brother ) and Kirk Dressler, ( Ex - Westbank Indian Band Employee ) to fly around the country over the next year and a half to develop a code for the band.

It took me 3 days to develop this code.

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  1. We are not recieving 1 million dollars per year to develop this land code. We recieved just over $100,000 dollars for two years. Every land code is unique to the community it is developed for that is why we get funded to go through the steps and create one that works for us, however the templates are a great starting point. Come by the office next time your around and we could have a more serious discussion regarding this issue.