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March 21, 2009 DVD / 205 Questions Introduction

March 21, 2009

Attention: All members of the Williams Lake Band of Indians

The following 205 questions are for the current Chief Anne Louie and Councillors Richard Sellars Sr., William Sellars Jr., Vern Michel, Heather McKenzie and Robin Gilbert respectively.

These questions have been compiled in consultation with various band members in reference to digitally scanned PDF documents provided to the WLIB Band Membership in the form a DVD Data disc ( 3.74 Gigabytes ) dated March 21, 2009.

This ongoing process of band members to establish CAST IN STONE Accountability, Transparency, Due Diligence and Continuity within the continuously evolving Williams Lake Indian Band is nothing new.
In December 1995, Chief Willie Alphonse Jr. and Councillors Anne Louie, Chris Wycotte Sr., Sharon Bob were presented with 5 pages of itemized questions concerning their current band office policies and procedures. Public distribution of these written questions resulted in councillors Anne Louie and Chris Wycotte Sr. to deliver written responses during February 1996. Chief Alphonse and Councillor Bob continued to delay responding in writing until they were eventually out of office in August 1996.

For further reference, these questions and council response packages can be viewed in the ( PRE – 2000 ) file folder on the March 21, 2009 data disc.
It is in the true spirit of Reconciliation, Accountability, Transparency, Due Diligence, Continuity and a genuine attempt to avoid the end written result of the 1995 – 1996 response packages, that the Williams Lake Indian Band Opposition (2001) requests the current chief and council to promptly, individually and publically respond in writing, in the numbered order to which these questions are presented.

Additional copies of the March 21, 2009 DVD data disk may be obtained by sending an e-mail to

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